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guess what? i do care about cleanliness and hygiene. So,every single morning i will put on my blanket and bedsheet in manner way.But… .thats was 4 years back. Now i will clean it up my room depends on my laziness level and situation,like what? if i wake up early then i’ll take my 10minutes  to clean up my room..and another  but,we do wake up late right? so then,when i wake up late my room is like after hurricane..messy is just simple word if i have to describe about that,once u wake up late then it is okay. when if the whole week i wake up late? can you imagine it how it will look a like.. ahah =)

Actually my room is not dirty,its just unpleasant scenery that you dont want to look with all clothes crumpled and scattered around it and it will become apart your room decoration..Feel free to read,free to ask and free to see..Cheers!


Based on my opinion,every single people either children or adults should have a look and enjoy this movie..Its suite to watch without doubt..stay tuned to know what i feel more about this movie..


The plot of this movie was well organised..Michael Bay(MB) starting this movie with flashback about war happen between Autobots and Decepticons..but the best about this is only the CGi and the graphic..its cool and its like real..buts it is not! in the early story,shows the propaganda between U.S n Russia are compete to get “the machine” technology..and as usual,U.S are getting first that thing..but they are not alone,because Decepticons also watching the same thing..then its start the actions between Autobots,Decepticons and human…

What did you think of the characters?

hmm..its was superb combinations between Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington,plus the actress were hot and usual Sam Witwicky  was good because this episode MB are more focusing on his character..Optimus Prime? the main and the greatest robot than any robots..the rest is just okay..

Write some kind of conclusion about the movie and your feeling about it..
Sentinel prime n Megatron were dead,and the world peace without them..I rate this movie 3.5 than 5 star



*I’m suppose to be a soldier (Eminem-Toy soldier)

*You are beautiful (Akon-Beautiful girl)


*Do you hear me? (Jason Mraz-Lucky)

*Is only you and me? (3 Doors Down-Here without you)


*Everybody look to the left (B.O.B-Price tag)

*Please Dont Stop The Music(Rihanna-Please Dont Stop The Music)


*Oh,great! (Couple retreat)

*Oh my gucci! (Confession of shopaholic)


*Are you nuts? (LMFAO-Shuts)

*Who do you think you are? (Christina Perri-Jar of heart)


"Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once."

- by Lillian Dickson
Hafiz as a newbie…and i’m his partner too…

Hafiz as a newbie…and i’m his partner too…